The dynamically developing world! – the Maleme fine pebble beach is almost 3 kilometers long.
As mushrooms grow after rain, the wonderful hotel complexes are built at a similar pace, which satisfy all needs: with pools, with restaurants, with bars.
But local entrepreneurs also get a place, because no one can make Cretan delicacies tastier, than the locals.
The secret of the unique taste of food made from fresh fish, fresh meat, with vegetables: the love! – only that food is delicious and unique, which is made with love!
There is a lot of love in the hearts of Cretan people: this is evidenced by the fact, that we always receive a gift in the restaurant: at the end of the meal, some cake, or Raki, or fruit.
They pay attention to us, because they love us.

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A little history

– The word “Malama” means gold. According to assumptions, there was a gold mine in this place in ancient times: this is what the name suggests, but this is not historically supported.

– archaeologists have excavated a tomb in the surroundings, which dates from the late Minoan period (1550 BC – 1450 BC)

Melame is a historical place, because it had a strategically important airport.

1941 – the Battle of Crete

– the local people and allied forces tried heroically to defend the airfield
– even Hitler was surprised by the unity and heroic resistance of the Cretans
– the German forces captured the airfield, despite encountering significant resistance, but they suffered very heavy losses
– 4,500 German paratroopers lost their lives
– the paratroopers were buried on the hill near Maleme
– next to Maleme, at the bridge over the river Tavronitis, there is a monument, which commemorates the dead