Topolia Gorge is located in western Crete. It is 46 km from Chania and 13 km from Kissamos on the road to Elafonissi Beach.

The canyon starts near the village of Strovles. The road leads us, through the village Katsomatados, to Topolia.

The narrowest and most interesting part of the gorge is located, between Topolia and Katsomatados. In that part the side cliffs are very high and steep.

It reaches a height of 300 m at its narrowest point. Its width varies between 5 and 50 m. The Tyflos River is located in the gorge. In the very hot and dry months of summer, we can only see the riverbed.

In the gorge, next to the main road is the cave of Agia Sofia – it is worth visiting.
To the left of the cave entrance is a small church dedicated to Hagia Sophia (Wisdom of God).
The entrance to the cave is 25 m wide and reaches 20 m at many points.

The cave was a very important place of worship in ancient times. A clay figure from the 4th century BC was found in the cave.
Ceramic tableware was found: from the Neolithic, Early Minoan, Late Minoan. Roman ceramic tableware was also found.


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