I would like to present the Cretan traditions through lovely stories, in this section: while I am sharing useful information!

I arrived in Crete at18 o’clock, last time. My accommodation was in the center of Chania’s old town. A taxi was waiting at the airport. We left for Chania.

Unfortunately, I didn’t count, with the most basic Cretan Greek tradition! – the center of the cities and settlements of Crete, the old town part will change, in the evening!

The streets, where people can travel by car during the day – are occupied by restaurants and traders!

– the restaurants put the tables and chairs on the street, and serve the delicious Cretan delicacies

– most restaurants traditionally prepare food, always from fresh ingredients

– traders also occupy the streets with their porticoes

– the streets of the old town turn into a huge cozy bazaar row in the evenings

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The taxi stopped at the border of the old town. According by GPS and Google navigation, my accommodation was only 700 meters away.

I had to cross a street first, in which the leather goods merchants offered their porters.

I had a big suitcase and handbag. I had to fight myself through the crowd: between people walking and shopping on the street.

I arrived at the fountain, which was very cozy.

– pleasantly cool air flowed from the sea

– I was surrounded by gourmet scents, from the restaurants

– the people enjoyed, the unique atmosphere of the city

– the lights, among the historic buildings of the old town, in the cavalcade of scents, by the sea: all this together was truly wonderful

But between the people! – between restaurants! – to get to the accommodation on foot: it took almost an hour and a half!

Unfortunately, the navigation didn’t see: how the streets were busy!

The navigation didn’t see the places: where restaurants and merchants closed the streets. I had to improvise several times. I had to look for opportunities, that to get closer to the accommodation.

So in the evening – 700 meters – in the old town of Chania – on foot: it can take up to 1.5 hours!

The part of the culture and tradition in Western Crete, that families have dinner together in restaurants! – that’s why they need a lot of restaurants in the evenings.

The people like to talk and exchange ideas during dinner.

The Cretans are religious. They go to church on Sunday, and after worship: the family likes to have lunch together.

The families love to lunch together at a restaurant, on Sunday.

The restaurants are prepared for this, so early in the afternoon on Sunday: the restaurants occupy the streets.

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I love West Crete because:

– there is love between people

– the Family is value in West Crete!

– there is love in the family!

– the Family is built on love!

– the parents love their children!

– the people are: really happy!