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The mission of AllForTrip is to help protect this wonderful land

– in it the West Crete – in the beauty, in which God created it!

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West Crete is truly a unique place. Phalasarna and Cydonia were the richest merchant city-states of antiquity. Once upon a time, these cities controlled trade in the Mediterranean sea area: between North Africa and Italy.

– Drawings found in a cave near Rethymno prove, that olive oil was first pressed in West Crete. There are over 3 million olive trees in Crete – the home to high quality olive oil.

– The oldest olive tree in the world is located in this wonderful countryside, from the branches of which a wreath is made for the Olympic champions.

– The pink sand beaches are fabulous

– Of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world, 3 are in West Crete

– The longest gorge in Europe is in West Crete. It is the Samaria Gorge, 16 km long

– Stalactite caves, which are thousands of years old

– Fjords, where people can swim

– Beautiful beaches, where water temperatures 28 degrees in summer

– Historical cities, fortresses, monasteries, churches

– Very fine wines, but only in West Crete, they make Romeiko wine

– High quality cheeses

– Delicious food, which is prepared in a wood-fired oven and in clay pot

According to the people who live there: Western Crete is the Earth’s Eden!

I’m Ambroz Csizmadia, my creative name: ambrois (if you are wondering, why? – you can read it at the AllForTrip Club) my idea, my dream is the AllForTrip website. I’m editing the posts.

I am working with excellent people together, in order to implement this website.
The AllForTrip Photographer: Mgr. Jan Fajd, the teacher – from Prague.

The AllForTrip Marketing Managers: Alexandra Mike Turanszky (the greatest bear hunter) and Gabriel Mike – from Budapest.

The AllForTrip project manager: Attila Both from Filakovo, Slovakia.
We did more projects with Attila. There are many interesting stories about us at AllForTrip Club.

The programmer at AllForTrip: Gergely Biri – from Debrecen, Hungary.
The programmer, who is truly capable of making my dream come true!

I miss a man very much. My friend, Norbert Bede Arbi, the perfectionist, for whom only the absolute professional world is acceptable. But I smuggled his music into the videos.
So he is with us. I hope: if once we grow up to the level, what he imagines: then with his knowledge and experience he will help our work.

Purpose of the AllForTrip team, we want to help You get to know this unique area.

I think: there are a lot of nice places in every country. But in a small area, I haven’t seen so many special places elsewhere.

The point is in us!
Most importantly: can are we able to notice the beauty around us? – or not?
People have to be open to receiving beauty: accepting beauty! – other cultures, different foods, different habits, etc.

The AllForTrip works to make Your holiday even more enjoyable!