We must be open to notice, to see, to receive, to understand the beauty of the world around us.

The miracle is in us – in human!
We, with our eyes perceive the beautiful! – but it is not enough to see with our eyes! – we must be received with our souls: we must be seen with our souls, the unique beauty of the world around us!
If we can accept – the beauty, then we make our souls happy and more complete.

The AllForTrip Photographer: Mgr. Jan Fajd will notice this beauty!

He sees, the tiny flowers in the grass.

He notices, as the sun illuminates’ mountains, trees, plants, objects.

He shows, how interesting the wave is on the sea. These little things are very interesting and important.

That is the unique approach, which makes AllForTrip imagery particular.

I love John’s pictures, because they show reality!

The good picture is, from which some part of picture can be highlighted, but I don’t have to change it. I do not like Photoshop. I don’t like manipulated images.
From the pictures:
– I try to highlight the point
– I cut, to the right size
– I put, the AllForTrip logo to the pictures
The images used on AllFrorTrip.com are the property of AllFrorTrip.com.
We indeed visited every place, which we present on this website.
We hope: with our pictures and experience we really help! – to make Your trip to Crete wonderful and unforgettable!

mr. ambrois

I make the videos. Within the AllForTrip team, we have view differences. The videos are not professional. This is true. The videos reflect reality: the videos are very human.


Through the videos we try to show, not only the food, but the Cretan hospitality. In the Tavern Cellar video, we didn’t arrange: a acquaintance was just walking there.
This is Cretan hospitality!

Example: We made the video of the tavern Dounias for a long time, because all guests are dear to Stelios – he has a kind word to everyone!
Stelios wants to give every guest the most, the best. He loves the guests.
The secret to successful hospitality is: always with Love.
This is the Cretan hospitality.