West Crete – the paradise on earth! The natural beauty of West Crete is unique!



– from the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world: three beaches, in the West Crete!

– beaches, which the pink sand! – makes it fabulous

– fjords, where You can swim

– Europe’s longest gorge

– between the mountains – we can see amazing waterfalls

– all at the between of orange trees, avocado trees, olive trees

– different and beautiful flowers in all seasons

– the city! – part of which was built in the Venetian style – similar to Venice. In the other part of the city, there are mosque and bazaars, which was built in the Turkish style – similar to Istanbul. All this in western Crete.

– historic cities

– unique restaurants – delicious food

Western Crete’s climate allows for a wide selection of fresh vegetables and fruits. Can be found: orange groves, figs, pomegranates, avocados, just like grapes.

On the plateau are grown: apples, pears, cherries and all fruits and vegetables – which require temperate climatic conditions.

The delicious food is always made using fresh ingredients!

During the winter, fresh vegetables are grown in huge foil tents and greenhouses.

The AllForTrip helps You get to know: some really special restaurants.

The taste of the food is quite different: if it is made from fresh ingredients, in a wood-fired oven, and a clay bowl.

To heat the furnace – special knowledge is required. The wood-fired furnace should be heated evenly.

The wood-fired oven has a higher temperature than the average oven. That’s, why clay pots should be used.

The food is prepared sooner, in the wood-fired oven.

The people, not only admire the fjords in West Crete, but with help AllForTrip! – people can swim in the fjords.

Europe’s longest gorge is located in West Crete.

In addition, there are several very interesting gorges with caves, waterfalls, small churches.

The AllForTrip help you discover these places.

For hundreds of years, the beautiful monasteries have been proclaiming the Christian past of West Crete. The most famous monasteries: Agia Triada, Gonia, Gouverneto.

We help You visit to a special water mill, or an olive processing museum.

Lovely craftsman! – who carves from olive wood: household articles and ornaments.

I hope, we have succeeded in arousing interest in West Crete!

mr. ambrois