The Falassarna beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. By the CNN TRAVEL list “100 best beaches around the world”, Falassarna beach is in 100th place.

Chania is 51.5 km, and Kissamos (Kastelli) is 14km.

After the beach, we can find the excavation of the ancient city-state of Phalasarna.

The several kilometers long Falasarna beach, in fact, consists of five parts. Every each beach has a unique atmosphere.

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At the foot of the mountain is Falassarna’s main beach: Pachia Ammos (Coarse Sand). This beautiful beach around 1 km length, and 150 m width. Most visitors, like to much, this part. Because of the large area, the coast is not crowded.

Continuation of the main beach is:

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The next part of Falassarna, which I call: “moon landscape”.

These unusual sandstone formations are unique. This section of the coast, has a very special atmosphere.

Who loves interesting rocks, geology, those people need to see this part of the coast: the small magical bay.

It is pebbly – in the shallow sea water are rock layers – which are interesting rock formations. This was shaped by the sea over many centuries. For those, who love isolation, this place is a great choic!

The area surrounding Falassarna beach: nature reserve.

Many people believe that, the most beautiful sunset can be found here!

Falasarna is influenced by winds from the west, so it is usually slightly wavy. The Falassarna bech is therefore popular among windsurfers.

The fabulous sunset