The Voululimni (sunk lake) beach is unique in beauty, it’s a small salt lake, with a beautiful greenish hue: with slightly turquoise color water.

In the sea and lake, with the clear and transparent water, the stones and rocks, in very many different colours, splendor.

For those, who love secluded bays, picturesque surroundings: this lake is an ideal place.


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The lightly turquoise water around the coast is shallow, but suddenly deepens. For swimmers only. The cliffs surrounding, and the hillside next to the lake, gives a unique atmosphere.


The water is deep, sometimes we can meet smaller boats. The temperature of seawater reaches 28 degrees during the summer. The water of the lake is pleasant for swimming even in October, because in October the water temperature is 25 degrees.
The rocks prevent waves from entering the bay, so the sun quickly warms the saltwater water.


The Voulolimni beach is almost completely untouched. Unknown to tourists, it is a very quiet, unique place. The beach is a natural beach.
There are no beach restaurants, no beach pubs, no beach service.


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