Church of Holy Fathers & Acropolis in Polyrrinia is a short walk from Polyrrhenia: 15-20 minutes’ walk, it is only 800 meters.
By car from Polyrrhenia is only 2-3 minutes.
The car park is located at the foot of the Acropolis Hill, next to the church.
A dirt road leads to the historic site. This dirt road is not dangerous: even driving with a smaller car is easy on the road.

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Walking from the village we see the Church of Holy Fathers, which was built on the ruins of the Temple of Artemis Dictynna.
This church was built in 1894. The remains and stones of the ancient church were used to build the church.
Proof of this: on stones built into the wall of a church is inscriptions from antiquity can be observed.

During the construction of the Christian altar: a part of the ancient altar was built into the altar.

– the Acropolis Hill is a less than half an hour’s walk away

– the path starts behind the church
– in the first section of the road, we can see openings in the hillside: these are the entrances to the tombs carved into the rock
– but the ancient cemetery is 300 m to right among the olive trees
– very little remains of the cemetery three thousand years ago
– the road to the acropolis meanders along the hillside
– we can see the remains of the walls of the ancient fortress in some places along the way
– the road is decorated with colourful flowers depending on the season
– the view is unique to the mountains and the bay of Kissamos

The Acropolis Hill

The entrances to the tombs carved into the rock

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The unique views of the mountains and the Gulf of Kissamos