Chrysoskalitissa Orthodox Monastery was built in the 17th century on the southwest coast of the island of Crete.

It is located 68.7 km southwest of Chania. 36.8 km south of Kissamos. From the beautiful pink sand lagoon of the Elafonissi, just 5.4 km away.


GPS is very important! – because no street names in Western Crete.

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The monastery has survived in very good condition.

Before reaching the 90 stair-step, we can visit

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Continuing the stairs, we reach the square in front of the church. From here is wonderful view of the mountains and of the Libyan Sea.

– the archaeological excavations have shown, that on the coast, next to the monastery was a small fishing village, in the Middle Minoan era

– it was built on 35-meter rocks, reminiscent of a fortress

– the monastery was dedicated to the Holy Trinity, and the Dormition of Virgin Mary (the Assumption of the Virgin Mary)

– the walls of the monastery provided shelter for Greek school children during the Ottoman occupation

– the construction of the present church began on May 9, 1894

– the central building of the monastery, the church: where we can see a lot of beautiful icons especially from the 19th century

– the carved furniture and chairs are unique in the church

– in the building to the right of the church are the rooms of the monks – this section is not open to the public!

The name of the monastery means Our Lady Gold-stepped in Greek.

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The legend also says:

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It is worth admiring the view, or in different and fabulous flowers in all seasons, or we rested a little in the church.

While we rest in the church: we can give thanks to God!

Thanks to God, for all the beauty and good, which He has gifted us!

The church of the monastery

From the lives of monks