The Ancient Olive Tree & Museum is in Ano Vouves is located.

The village is in the region of Chania, in West Crete – 28 km from Chania, 24 km from Kissamos.

Vouves Olive Tree is one of the oldest olive trees in the world. The Olive Tree still produces olives today.

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The exact age of the tree cannot be determined, as the heartwood has been lost over the centuries: the inside is completely empty.

The olive tree age

Radioisotope examination: it is not possible, since the heartwood is not there.

Frost ring analysis: at least 2000 years old.

Scientists at the University of Crete:  estimated age: 4000 years.

Based on excavations near the unique olive tree: at least 3000 years old.

The excavations

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1997 – declared a protected natural monument

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 Olive tree dimensions:

– width of the root: 4.53 m

– width of the tree trunk: 3.7 m

– width of the crown: 10.3 m

– height: 6.5 m

The branches from the unique olive tree: they are solemnly cut every year: from this, wreaths are made for the winners of the marathons.

At the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, from this olive tree: wreaths are made for the winners.

John Malandrakis, the mayor of Platanias, sent an Olympic wreath in 2012 for the opening ceremony of the London Olympics. It was a symbol of peace, hope, and brotherhood.

The olive branches, carried on an ancient ship, from Crete to Athens.

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Church next to the Ancient Olive Tree and Museum

Traditional Cretan house among the artichokes