which includes

the Taverna KALI KARDIA

Taverna KALI KARDIA is located in the village of Kournas. A traditional Cretan tavern. From the picturesque Kournas lake along the road, we can see first the Church of St. Irene, and then the Taverna KALI KARDIA.

Meals are prepared, on the wood-heated grill. The specialty of the tavern is the grilled meats and sausages.

GPS is very important! – because there are no street names in Western Crete. GPS: 35.313639, 24.297083

For the grilled delicacies is recommended: tasty, made from fresh vegetables, Cretan salad.


The unique atmosphere is given by the fact that the tables are next to the road. When we taste the fine Cretan wine, with the delicious Cretan cheeses: and we wait for the food, until then we can see how the food is prepared. We can feel, the mouth-watering scents.

But we can start eating in the traditional Cretan way.

Fresh bread sprinkled with oregano, and with extra virgin olive oil. This is always a good choice.

But Cretan salad, as an appetizer is also very tasty.


Taverna KALI KARDIA always welcomes guests, with warmth, and great love.

Lake Kournas is the only freshwater lake in Crete. Lake Kournas was known in ancient times as Lake Koressia.

Lake Kournas is relatively small, with a maximum length of 1087 m and a maximum width of 880 m. It covers an area of ​​579,000 square meters. Deepest point: 22.5 m. The altitude is about 20 m above sea level.The length of the coast is 3.5 km.