The Aspri Limni Beach is a real diamond among the beaches of Crete. Its beauty is unique. This beach is almost untouched paradise.

The Aspri Limni Beach (White Lake) is a fabulous beach, surrounded by palm (Phoenix theophrasti) and cedar trees. It is a beautiful lagoon separated from the sea by rocks. Completely protected from bad weather. The water is crystal clear.


This picturesque bay, even among the domestic, Cretan residents, is less known. It is a hidden place.

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The rocks separate the beach from the open sea, making the small lagoon almost circular. The rocks provide protection! – they do not let the waves into the bay, that’s why the bay looks like a lake. The rocks grasp the waves, protecting the picturesque bay from the waves, so the bay is always calm.


The sand is whitish and clayey. The water is shallow around the beach: water is deeper only in the middle of the bay. The white sand on the coast provides a unique atmosphere.


Because the water in the bay is shallow, the rocks prevent waves from entering the bay, the rocks protect the coast from westerly winds, so the water temperature is warm.

In this bay you can swim pleasantly from early spring, until the end of October.

The sun heats the waters of the bay very quickly.


Aspri Limni Beach is a natural beach in an almost untouched environment.

This place is a protected area of the NATURA 2000 system.

There are no beach restaurants, no beach pubs, no beach service. There are only three umbrellas on the beach.


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