Meltemaki beach


We can always feel, like we are explorers – In West Crete.

The adventurous landscape hides small secrets: a small bay, a small waterfall, a fjord… – all in places, where You wouldn’t even think of it.

The entanglement between the wonderful nature and human creations is atmospheric.

Souda merges, with Chania: the international port of Chania is located in this part.

Along the road, we can see multi-storey hotel ships, which meet all needs, giant cargo ships, lots of containers, and huge cranes.

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We would think, that next to such an industrial part, we would not find anything interesting. But this is a big mistake.

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To the right, many umbrellas and sunbeds can be rented. This part of the beach is more crowded. To the left, a very calm, seemingly untouched stretch of coast awaits those, who want to relax.

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