Agioi Apostoloi is a seaside village. The name of the settlement Agioi Apostoloi, is meaning “Holy Apostles”. The seaside village is just 4 km from the center of Chania. The village have unique and beautiful bays, and beaches. Each bay is a little different. Each bay has its own unique atmosphere. The most interesting event is the “Sardinian holiday”. The wonderful beach and the “Sardinian holiday” make this village famous. During the holiday, many gather to taste grilled sardines.

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Tthe traditional Cretan music is a little different – it makes the celebration even more atmospheric.

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There is a green area next to Agioi Apostoloi waterfront.

Native plants in this location:: pine, oleander, eucalyptus trees.

Very rare, and of course, it is protected plant: the sea narcissus. It is a specialty of the area.

Characteristics of sea narcissus:

– have a large white flower

– have a characteristic strong aroma

The protected sea turtles has a breeding ground along the coast.

If we drive from Chania, we can first see the most famous beach of the village: Chrissi Akti (“Golden Beach”). As the name suggests, the sand is golden in color.

The water is warm and shallow! – therefore, it is also recommended place for families, with small children.

The Agioi Apostoloi – Golden beach is a surfers paradise

The Golden beach bay have unique features: almost always windy!

It is therefore a favorite of surfers! – which is why it gives way to a surf school.

If You only spend a few days In this part of western Crete, You might still want to try surfing. The gliding on the waves: a unique experience!