Continuation of Iguana Beach, Glaros beach. Glaros beach is a sandy beach more than 500 meters long. This is a very nice beach. To the right is the peninsula with the Orthodox Church. The rocks of the peninsula give the bay a unique atmosphere. The coast offers unique views of St. Theodore Island. The coast is in a green area, because the Agioi Apostoloi houses and the beach are separated by pine trees. At the foot of the pine trees, on the beach are yoga courses. Umbrellas and sunbeds can be rented. There is a restaurant and bar on the beach.

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The sunset is magical

Christianity and Yoga

Crete is a Christian island, but yoga is nonetheless popular.
How to link Christianity and Yoga? Are the two mutually exclusive or not?
I read several studies on this topic, because I wanted to understand the connections myself.

Yoga was originally part of the Hindu religious system. The theory and practice of yoga was originally one. In Hindu religion, it still belongs together.

However, Western cultures have recognized the beneficial effects of yoga practices on the human body. Physiological practice alone is no longer yoga! – The purpose and meaning of yoga has completely changed in Western culture!

The original purpose of yoga was union with God!
In Christianity, union with God is completely different! Therefore, in Western culture, yoga could not keep its original theory!
Originally, yoga is not meant to develop personality!
Nevertheless, it is used in Western cultures to develop self-control: in order to achieve spiritual balance.

Originally, yoga is not meant to keep the body healthy!
Nevertheless, in Western cultures, yoga practices are used for the health of our bodies. Physiotherapists use yoga practices during their treatments. The doctors have also confirmed, that there are a number of Yoga practices, that have a beneficial effect on the human body. In Western culture, the purpose of yoga courses is to convey that healing effect!

I think: we now understand, that yoga has been given a new interpretation in Western culture. It follows, that Christianity and yoga can be linked!
During yoga practices, we can pray, meditate on the words of Jesus! – this can help achieve the goal of yoga in Western culture:
– self-control, mental balance
– the health of our body