Museum of the

Monastery of Agia Triada

In the museum’s collection, the visitor can see the remaining items, which managed to hide, from the Turkish devastation of 1821.

GPS is very important! – because there are no street names in Western Crete.

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In 1821 it was the Greek Revolution. The monks living in the monastery managed to escape. All the historical manuscripts collected by the monks remained in the monastery. But the monks managed to hide part of the church collection. What they could not hide, it was destroyed by the Turks.


In the museum you can see:

– the painter Skordilis`s icons: the Enthroned Christ, Living Spring, the Second Coming (1635-1645)

– church utensils

– crosses

– clothes used to cover the altar from the 12th century

– vests

– manuscript documents

– books

– a very special collection is the collection of the Gospels from 1568 to 1758