The Douvrodakis family is generations engaged in the cultivation of grapes. From the grapes, they make very high quality wine.

You can only make good wine with love. Every bottle of wine contains the Love from the Douvrodakis family. Grape farming should be loved. Love of viticulture, inherited in the family for generations.

The mountainous vineyards, the unique climate of Western Crete, the organic farming technology, the multi-enerational experience is necessary to produce high quality wine.

The Romeiko:


– the ancient Cretan grape variety
– meaning: Roman – comes from the word Romios
– primarily native to Western Crete: Chania and Kissamos region
– light red-skinned grape, very juicy

The Romeiko grapes are mixed with other varieties and red, rosé and white wines are made from it:
The alcohol content of the gourmet wine is higher: 13%, but it has a low acid content.

The Romeiko is often used to make the traditional marouvas wine, similar to a Sherry or Brandy. It is commonly aged for many years in barrels.

For Romeiko wine, the Douvrodakis family always recommends ham and avocado. It’s really delicious. We tried it.

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