The Taverna


Stalios is a very brave entrepreneur because he opened his restaurant in the mountains. Most people open a restaurant by the amazing sea.
Stalios did not. He wanted to show, how wonderful the mountains of Western Crete are.
His restaurant, the Taverna Dounias is on the foot of the White Mountains, at 500 metres altitude, among hundreds of years old olive trees, 20 km from Chania and 55 km from Kissamos. The environment, quietude and clean air are fantastic.

The Dounias restaurant is divided into two by the main road. Stalios mainly cooks outdoors, by the roadside, in three wood-burning oven.

The locals really like the restaurant. AllForTrip wants, when everyone to get to know this uniq place.

What is the secret of success:

The food includes: Satlios ’heart and love. According to Stalios:

“people should only cook, with love.

Only food made with love is delicious!”

Stalios produces spices in his own garden, next to Taverna Dounias.

He use only domestic, Cretan ingredients. Goats and lambs raised in the mountains of Crete have a completely different taste. Here, under natural conditions, they raise the animals in the fresh air. So the meat is organic.

Herbs oregano, dittany and chamomile are picked from nearby slopes of White Mountains.

In western Crete, great emphasis is placed on growing organic vegetables. The dishes are made with organic vegetables.

Vegetables, fruits, olives and the virgin olive oil come from the family’s groves.

Taverna Dounias has an interior. There he makes the bread in traditional wood oven. Stalios is very proud of this.
In the restaurant we have the opportunity to taste, fresh homemade bread.

Part of Western Cretan gastronomy is, the appetizer is fresh bread flavored with oregano, and sprinkled with olive oil.
The secret of Western Cretan gastronomy is that dishes are made from fresh ingredients every day. The dishes are always seasonal. Which ingredients have at certain times of the year, the dishes are prepared accordingly.

The taverna Dounias has been awarded with the Quality Label of Cretan Cuisine.

The other part of the tavern is on the other side of the road, among olive trees. Very cozy. The wonderful landscape, fresh air, flowers and olive trees make the place unique.


Cretan hospitality

Stalios needs to talk, with every people, a little . But in the meantime, he cooks, serves and keeps everything under control. He have a lot of energy. He loves people, and guests.

I’m sorry the video isn’t professional: very human. It presents reality. The AllForTrip presents reality always. Stalios working always! – He wants to give everyone the best. These few moments were, very difficult to record. We had to wait a long time, that he could devote this little time to us.
The video also shows: the Cretan hospitality. Fantastic! At least one kind word should be said to everyone.

Stalios warmly welcomes, all the Dear Guests!

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