Marakas Beach Hotel
Kato Stalos Chania


I would like to present the hotel Marakas beach in a unique way.
Marakas beach hotel is one of the most expensive hotels on the beautiful beach of Kato Stalos, although only two stars (I don’t understand why only two stars, because the quality is much higher), but still according to guest reviews: Value for money: 9.3.
What is the secret of a hotel? Why is almost always full house?

Location: 9.5 – of course! – because Marakas Beach Hotel is on the beach of Kato Stalos. Opposite, the island of St. Theodore, which rising out of the beautiful blue sea. The purity of the water is confirmed by the Blue Flag.
The Blue Flag is a certification by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), that the water and the beach meet strict standards in the following areas: quality, safety, environmental education and information standards, services, environmental management.
The Blue Flag is a trademark owned by FEE, which consisting of 65 organisations in 60 member countries.

The Marakas Beach Hotel is therefore an excellent choice, because just 7.5 km from the exceptionally beautiful Venetian port of Chania.

The secret: love, care, attention to the guest.

In Marakas beach hotel truly the guest is the first!

Katarina, the hotel owner, is a very brave lady. She became the owner, manager of the hotel in 2013. Then you had to make a very important decision: sell this family business, this beautiful hotel? – or does it completely renovate and modernize, taking on all the difficulties?
She chose the harder way! – that is, why I respect she very much.
I really likable people, who are able to fight: to realize their dreams. Katarina did that.The hotel is a bit more expensive, but not, because Katarina is insatiable.

The complete, high-quality renovation of the hotel has cost a great deal, and the loan must be repaid. Katerina is a humble lady, who tries to give the best for everyone! – always, from the love. That is reason that the guests and the AllForTrip team, we love this hotel.

The people of Western Crete are special: they are full of love.
You have to visit Western Crete to understand it is possible to live in love. Living in love, it is fantastic.
My friend Jan, remarked several times, “Here love really touches a person! It’s a very unique feeling.”
At the Marakas beach hotel, people do everything with love. With sincere love.
Katerina is a good example of what a Cretan man is like.
She tries to be the best mom. The best leader. The best host, who always has energy, to take care of the guests! – with love.

The other very unique person in the hotel is Jordan.
When I was in the hotel for the first time, I praised Jordan: “Your English is fantastic, as if I were in England “
Jordan’s answer is: “Of course! I’m Australian!”
It is Western Crete. It have a big attractiveness.
Jordan is a Showman guy. According to his Australian friends: the forever young hippie.
Jordan is the man, who takes care of guests during the day.
If you want something, Jordan will definitely help!
He is among the guests during the day, to make guests ’vacation even more complete, even more adventurous.
Also to the AllForTrip team, Jordan helped! Thank You Jordan!

The third is a very important and kind person, Katarina’s mom.
She is already working at dawn, baking, that guests eat fresh cakes every morning.
She makes, these fantastic james, in which there are many pieces of fruit.
She ask all the guests, every morning: how do you like eggs?

It is a breakfast based on the Cretan diet which provenly contributes to human longevity. It consists of local products and traditional recipes that offer a fresh nutritious start to the day.
Fresh eggs – fresh fruit – pies – local cheeses – coffee – tea with local herbs – homemade jams – honey – are some of the products served for breakfast.

Breakfast is served each morning from 8 to 10 in a space by the pool or in the gazebo by the sea.

Homemade jams

The world-famous Greek cheeses and olives

Services & Facilities

Fully equipped kitchen
Beautiful, functional and comfortable bathroom (Hair-Dryer cosmetics ABEA, shower cabin)
Spacious and furnished balcony
Free air-condition
Free safe box
Free Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi)
Free parking
Free baby cot (on request)
Organized beach (free beach umbrella and sunbeds)
Swimming Pool
Free towels for the beach
Doctor on call
Car hire is available
Laundry – extra charge (upon request)
Pets allowed (on request)

The hotel has a private beach. Provided for all guests, sunbed and parasol on the beach.

In the early 1920s, Grandfather Demetrius Marakakis bought this land by the sea, to build the house in which he brought up his family. That house, till this day remains intact, while in the space next to it is now our hotel. He decided to build a kiln for making handmade bricks and tiles (material used to manufacture homes at the time). Besides, this was the only source of income for the brave inhabitants of this otherwise barren area by the sea. It is highly probable that you may come across pieces of bricks made from the kiln at that time during your walks by the sea. The furnace operated until 1965 whereby it stopped its function due to the evolution of technology.
In the early 1970s, tourism makes its appearance in the area. Our parents Kosmas and Aspasia Marakas decided to build the first rooms for rent there, in the area of the grandfather’s kiln. The facilities offered to their clients then were the basic necessities; however, their hospitality was boundless and authentic. Guests were mainly residents of the city of Chania and the first tourists of the time who chose to spend their summer by the sea.
Tourists at that time came to Crete as little explorers, with their small backpacks and with great enthusiasm to discover the island’s natural beauty and the rich history of this place. They left spellbound by the beauty of the place and the hospitality of the residents. Those who left usually returned and brought with them others … Tourism grew rapidly in the region during the decades of the 80s and 90s while increasing the demands. Our parents always followed the growth and developments providing the best for their customers.
Our parent’s business was passed on to us in 2002. Then we made the decision to rebuild, from scratch, our little hotel with the form it has today.
«Marakas» is the name we decided to give our hotel as this is the name of our family and as this hotel is a small family business in which we have offered everyone a piece of our soul. It is the result of a long journey with its difficulties and wonderful moments crucial to the lives of us all. Our proposal of hospitality at our hotel means comfortable, beautiful and functional accommodation. Our goal is to put to use our experience in tourism in the best way possible for our guests.
For a decade and by 2012 we had the opportunity to work with a large travel agency which gave us the opportunity to enrich our experience in the tourism industry making us always seek the best way possible to please and accommodate our guests. Our collaboration came to its end in 2012.
In 2013 a new cycle begins for our business but also for our family as these two seem to be interrelated. The experience our family has in tourism dates back to 40 years and the result of this experience is the restored version in our hotel today in which we hope.