The secret of the attraction of Kourtaliotiko Gorge:
– the picturesque view, the sight of the mountains, which are seem harsh at first glance, but still lovable
– photographers like to capture the unique face of the gorge

– hikers can also indulge in their passion, because the isthmus hides secrets! – such as the waterfall, the chapels of the gorges, the ruins of the ancient city near at Preveli, and the fabulous fulfilment: which is crowned by the river with the ancient palm forest
– rock climbers also love this place
– ornithologists also like the place, because they can observe birds of prey, and study their lives
But despite all this beauty, the most visited place in the first section of the gorge: The Kourtaliotiko waterfall

Start of steps to the waterfall, GPS: 35.195340, 24.464529

A small chapel and a gate built of carved stones where the stairs begin, which lead first to the St. Nicholas Chapel and then to the waterfall.

The chapel is 260 meters. While we walk down the stairs, the canyon shows us its unique face: the view of the rock walls formed over thousands of years is impressive from every angle.

Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas was born in the ancient city of Patara, in Lycian: Pttara, later Arsinoe, in Greek: Ἀρσινόη in the territory of today’s Turkey: March 15, 270.
His uncle was the bishop of the city of Myra. Myra, now known as Demre, which is 139 kilometers west of the city of Antalya.
Nicholas was 19 years old when his uncle ordained him a priest, after then became abbot of the monastery of Sion near Myra.

From the large fortune, what he inherited from his parents: he helped children, the poor, the needy: therefore people considered it holy.
Several legends about his good deeds have survived, but Nicholas always said: do not give thanks to me for the gift, but to God! – for all gifts come from God. They owe thanks exclusively to God.
He died in the city of Myra on December 6, 343.
Saint Nicholas the patron saint of sailors, merchants, perfumers, pharmacists, children, students and generally all people living in difficult circumstances.

The waterfall is only 50 meters from the chapel, which originates from 5 sources. According to the legend: Saint Nicholas touched the rock with 5 fingers: this is how the 5 springs emerged from the rock.
This is the shadiest part of the gorge, so it looks dark: but the waterfalls falling like a curtain make the place colourful and atmospheric: in some places the height of the water column is 40 meters.
The waterfall from the small bridge next to the Church of St. Nicholas is the most impressive, but those who want an even more unique experience, they can bathe in the very fresh, cold water: from the water, the waterfall is the most perfect! I don’t know, this is really true, or not? – I think: the experience from land is also fabulous.
Bathing in the waterfall is only recommended for brave people in good condition!

These sources do not dry up even in the summer heat and dry season lasting several months. First, they create a small turquoise lake then passing through the gorge. In the last third of the strait, they swell into a river, nourish the ancient palm forest in the Preveli part of the gorge, and after then the river flows into the sea.


We can drink from the water falling from the wall of the waterfall, because it is clean drinking water: this water nourishes the flora and fauna of the gorge, therefore it is strictly FORBIDDEN to use in the waterfall: sunscreen, oils, creams, shampoo and other cosmetics!

The waterfall and its surroundings must also be kept clean, because the wind can carry rubbish into the waterfall!