The attraction of Koutalas mini fjord and beach is unique, and its huge advantage is: it is easily accessible by car.
The word fjord originally comes from the Norwegian language and means: a bay surrounded by rock walls or mountains, which is narrow and extends deep into the mainland.
In Northern Europe, especially in Norway, there are huge and wonderful fjords in which hotel ships also approach.
The Cretan fjords are just mini versions of the North European fjords, but the advantage of the Cretan mini fjords is: in summer, the temperature of the sea water can reach 28 degrees Celsius, therefore, we can bathe in them very pleasantly.

GPS is very important! – because there are no street names in Western Crete. GPS: 35.466547, 24.232419

While bathing, the bay surrounded by an almost straight rock wall gives such a fabulous harmony, that makes it worth visiting this place.

The fjord is located next to Cape Drapanos, 2.3 kilometers from the nearest settlement Kokkino Chorio, 29.6 kilometers from the center of Chania, and 51 kilometers from Rethymnon.

The most famous Cretan Fjord is SEITAN LIMANIA FJORD & BEACH, but it is only accessible on foot and difficult: only by hiking!
Nevertheless, there is a road leading to the entrance of Koutalas Fjord & Beach, where is a not very large parking.
In season, during the day, there is not much chance of finding a parking space in this place, only a few steps from the beach: despite the fact, that this place is less known, and the sandy beaches are more attractive to visitors.

Those who cannot find a parking space in the parking lot by the coast, then unfortunately have to walk 400 meters from the top of the hill, along the rock wall on the way to the coast.
This is also an interesting walk, because there are small caves in the rock wall along the road, which the goats have appropriated: therefore the walk is coloured by the sight of goat families resting on the rocks.

The coast is pebbly, the sea water is crystal clear and shallow: at the entrance of the bay is turquoise, but where it mixes with the open sea, it turns blue. The sunlight: shows us the stones in the water with a magical cavalcade of colors.

Koutalas Fjord & Beach is also very popular with divers, because the water is shallow, and therefore even beginner divers can safety enjoy the unique atmosphere of the sea and fjord. For more daring and advanced divers: the fjord tempts those looking for an adventurous dive, with several underwater caves.

Early in the morning, and even during the day, we can meet with fishermen: they prefer the front part of the fjord.


– it is recommended to use floating slippers in the fjord due to the slippery stones
– the sea urchin only likes very clear water! – recommended to use swimming slippers
– there are no restaurants or any catering establishments on the beach, but there are cafes, restaurants and taverns in the nearby village 2 kilometers away
– since it is very hot in the summer, don’t forget to take fluids with You!