Argiroupoli, in Greek: Αργυρούπολη, but translated into English: Silver City
The name is not accidental: it refers to the settlement’s ancient past.
In ancient times, the name of the place was Lappa, it was densely populated, because approx. it had 10 000 inhabitants: so it was an important settlement of Crete.
This has changed, because now the village has only 400 permanent residents.

Rethymno is only 23.7 kilometers away, the old town of Chania is 54 kilometers away.
In the green zone, the climate of the village is very pleasant, especially in summer, because it is located at an altitude of 300 meters, so the temperature is milder.

In individual documents, the name of the place can be found in several forms: Argyroupoli. Based on the name Argiroupolis or Argyroupolis, the settlement may once have been a city.

– The oldest historical monument of the village, what can still be seen today is: the Roman mosaic floor from the 3rd century, which is created up of thousands of tiny mosaic particles, also known: Lappa mosaic.

– The unique interesting feature of the village is the church, because the church building and the church tower are not part of one building: the church and the tower are far from each other.
The local museum of the settlement is located 200 meters from the tower.

– Compared to the native plants of Crete, the avocado tree is a newcomer to Crete, but there are more than 2,500 avocado trees around Argiroupoli.

More than 30 years ago, the use of the beneficial effects of avocados began: the production of avocado-based creams, body lotions, facial cleansers and many other 100% BIO and very healthy cosmetic products.
The Lappa Avocado store can be found near the church, where You can see and buy these products.

This region also has its own characteristics, so You should try the pastries and delicacies of the local bakery.


Argyroupoli, with its waterfall is a green oasis in arid Western Crete. This is the place, what would be a big mistake to miss if You are visiting West Crete.
You can wander in the wonderful environment, among hundreds of years old trees, on the path surrounded by green aquatic plants, among the waterfalls.
A small cave, or we only have to take a few steps and find out: where this miracle comes from.
Unfortunately, the original mill is no longer visible, but several restaurants have been built between the waterfalls, which give a very fabulous and romantic atmosphere.

In such a cozy environment – a gourmet lunch – from the fish! – what we can choose from the pool of the waterfall: it is unique!
In the taverns, in the waterfall, there are pools, in which freshwater fish swim: mainly trout.
You can choose from among these fish, the basis of a delicious lunch or dinner.
This is a good opportunity to taste not only dishes made from sea fish in Crete, but You can also treat ourselves to delicacies from freshwater fish.


Before we choose the restaurant for the delicious lunch, we should walk between the waterfalls and the 5 restaurants, because the offer of the restaurants is different.
We can not only eat delicious fish dishes, but the freshly prepared lamb, pork or poultry roast is just as unique.
A particular experience is how they roast lamb or other meats: always from the heart! – with love! – to the dear guest! – in Greek: Kali Kardia!